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Dräger head and eye protection equipment is

Extremely Robust

while very easy to wear.

For rescue teams and workers, it is essential to protect head and eyes from harmful influences.

Our helmets are optimally designed to work in combination with SCBAs and masks. We received the first worldwide patent for a helmet-mask combination in 1973. Since then we have been successfully developing head and eye protection equipment together with users to further increase security, flexibility and comfort. The Dräger safety glasses are an important component in combination with optimal head protection.

Head and Eye Protection

Dräger X-pect® 8100 Cover Spectacles

The cover spectacles Dräger X-pect® 8100 are the classical protective eyewear models for many applications and for visitors. These cover spectacles provide a large field of vision and are designed to fit with prescription glasses. All spectacles are compatible with respiratory protection like half masks.

The X-pect 8100 series offers the highest UV protection available and the best optical class (class 1) for continuous work. Additionally, it is certified in accordance with EN 166:2001 and CE compliant. This means that all spectacles meet high quality requirements.

Dräger X-pect® 8500 Goggles

The goggles Dräger X-pect® 8500 provide premium eye protection with a wrap-around design, low weight and perfect fit with prescription glasses. A closed sealing line between goggles and face provides full protection against dust and splashes. In addition, the goggles are very robust and can be easily combined with other protective equipment like Dräger half-mask respirators.

  • Wrap-around design
  • Soft PVC body with indirect ventilation
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating
  • Easily adjustable
  • Very robust but lightweight material
  • Premium comfort
  • UV protection and best optical class

Dräger X-pect® 8200 / 8300 Spectacles

The spectacles Dräger X-pect® 8200 and 8300 are designed for an optimal fit and high comfort. They feature a long lifetime thanks to high-class materials. Each model provides special features, like soft nose bridge or flat and flexible temples, to fit your individual needs. All spectacles are compatible with respiratory protection like half masks.

  • Very robust but extremely lightweight material
  • Soft nose bridge
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating
  • Adjustability and flexibility for every individual face
  • Single lens for a large field of vision
  • Wrap-around design, sportive and modern
  • UV protection and best optical class

Dräger HPS 3500

The Dräger HPS® 3500 – a multifunctional and universal helmet for the diverse requirements of rescue teams during search and rescue, forest and bush fire fighting, traffic accidents, rescue from heights, water rescue and any kind of technical assistance.

  • Robust
  • Optimised wearing comfort
  • Comfortable climate
  • Protective goggles
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Dräger HPS 4500

The Dräger HPS® 4500 is a traditional half-shell helmet with a modern design. Its robust outer shell provides you with excellent protection against impact and extreme heat. With a modern visor design, the helmet has superior wearer comfort due to ergonomic and lightweight internal components. A comprehensive range of accessories make our solution a truly versatile helmet across a variety of applications.

  • Hard shell
  • High wearing comfort and easy operation
  • Heat and scratch-resistant visor
  • Comprehensive accessories for every challenge.

Dräger HPS® 7000

The multipurpose Dräger HPS® 7000 firefighter’s helmet is in a class of its own, thanks to its innovative, sporty and dynamic design, ergonomic fit and components which make it a multifunctional system solution. It provides optimum protection during every operation.

  • Firefighting helmet with tailor-made fit for every head
  • Comfort is a matter of position
  • Design at its strongest
  • Innovative system design
  • Highest safety – the material mix makes the difference
  • Nothing left to be desired
  • Ready again in no time at all
  • Multipurpose Firefighting Helmet

Dräger HC-COM

Dräger HC-COM helmet units are compact and lightweight receiver/transmitter units which can be adapted to different helmet shapes and enable immediate, clear and reliable communication.

  • Different versions
  • Simple mounting to different helmet types
  • Universal connector to Dräger Com-Control/PTT units
  • Increased personal safety with hands-free communication
  • Reliable and voice-sensitive microphones

Dräger HPS®-COM

​The Dräger HPS®-COM is a robust, easy-to-install communication unit for firefighting helmets. Thanks to the latest technology, it delivers excellent audio performance. You can choose between two different base units and four microphone options, suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.

  • The first choice for firefighting and rescue operations
  • Excellent speech quality
  • Modular system, individually configurable
  • Respond as the situation demands
  • Safe and protected with one easy movement
  • Fast and easy to attach (click & go)
  • Compatible with your radio and helmet system

Downloads for Dräger Head and Eye Protection

Brochure: Safety You Can Count On Dräger Chemical Protective Suits (PDF)
Procedure for Donning Gas-tight Chemical Protective Suit Type 1a (PDF)
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