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LES Energy Services is a Nigerian indigenous company founded in 2007. With a Corporate office in Lagos and a maintenance & Training Base as we as Fabrication Yard in Port Harcourt.

icon_widget_image Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm; icon_widget_image Plot 32 Block 100, Furo Ezimora Street, Lekki Scheme 1, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.‎ icon_widget_image +234(0)1 270 0290 +234(0)8 470 0130 icon_widget_image sales@lesenergy.net info@lesenergy.net
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3D Laser Scanning

  /  3D Laser Scanning
Robust Capabilities in

3D Laser Scanning

With our experienced team of Laser Scanning experts and front-line technology, we provide a detailed oriented 3D Laser scan and point cloud of fixed and floating oil and gas installations. We are capable of digitalizing offshore and onshore facilities using industry best practices and facilities.

3D Laser scanning and As-Built Documentation of Fixed and Floating

Facilities and Infrastructure

With Laser Technology, we are able to provide a “Digitized facility” which can be easily viewed remotely, dimensions and other facility details can be extracted to provide detailed information for planning purposes. We are able to generate detailed isometrics of structures, piping, mechanical, instrument, control, equipment and general arrangement drawings (GAs) as required to meet our client’s needs.
Provision of High-quality

Laser Datasets

We provide laser scan data formats that provides complete, remote and virtual facilities in high definition, access to photo-realistic as-built information of digitized facilities to provide options for viewing measurements, and high definition mark-ups. Dataset outputs are compatible with most 3D modelling packages such as; AVEVA PDMS/E3D, AUTOPLANT, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD etc.

3D Modelling

From our laser data, we are able to provide intelligent 3D Models of entire facilities which can be used to aid revamp work, provide a virtual walk-through of facilities (both online and remotely), aid construction planning and execution etc.

Design Verification &

Dimension Control

Design Verification with the intent to verify that the design meets the system requirements and specifications
By applying dimensional control, accurate 3D information can be determined and mapped at various stages throughout the fabrication process to ensure a correct and clash free installation.
 We provide information on whether the new design fits into an existing facility and enables us to fix all clashes and misalignments prior to load out and installation
 First time fit guarantee. Errors on multiple spools can be transferred to other spools and modified accordingly
 Improved cost, control and risk management.
Like for Like Replacement of Corroded

Pipes and Structures

With our technical expertise and considerable experience in the use of laser scanning technology, we are able to digitize physically corroded pipes, convert them into usable Isometrics and shop drawings to aid fabrication and installation of spools and achieve a first time fit on all our projects.


We offer Pipe-fit and fabrication Assurance services to help our clients manage errors in spool fabrication in other to;

  • Prevent onsite modification,
  • Prevent standby of entire construction/installation personnel during major spool modification at site
  • Achieve a first-time fit installation of As-Fabricated spools, structures and other related items offshore and onshore to ensure reduction of construction re-work, save time and minimize cost.