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LES Energy Services is a Nigerian indigenous company founded in 2007. With a Corporate office in Lagos and a maintenance & Training Base as we as Fabrication Yard in Port Harcourt.

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Choosing the right

Hazmat Suit

for any hazard.

Whether in liquid, solid or gaseous form – chemicals can irritate the skin by contact or can even penetrate the skin, having potentially serious consequences for your health.

That is why working with hazardous materials requires high standards in body protection suits. For over 60 years, we have offered a broad range of hazmat suits: from gas-tight suits with a high mechanical resistance to splash tight disposable overalls. Dräger PPE suits meet the highest standards and are tailor-made for a large variety of applications.

Hazmat Suits

Dräger SPC 4400 / SPC 4800 / SPC 4900

Light and comfortable to wear: Dräger SPC 4X00 liquid-tight splash suits offer reliable protection against the finest particles and powders, many concentrated inorganic acids and alkaline solutions, and are also resistant to a wide variety of organic liquid chemicals. They are CE-certified and classified as type 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  • ​Overall with hood (SPC 4400), protective suit with facial cuff (SPC 4800) or full-body protective suit with visor (SPC 4900)
  • CPM (single use) or CLF (limited use)
  • Antistatic version available

Dräger SPC 3700 with CVA 0700

The Dräger constant flow disposable suit SPC 3700 in combination with the unique vest CVA 0700 offers ideal protection, comfort and flexibility. The liquid-tight protective suit (type 3) protects the wearer from contact with chemicals and allows greater movement, while the vest provides the necessary breathing and ventilation air for a pleasant cooling effect.

  • ​Ventilated splash-protective suits
  • Continuous supply of breathing air and cooling airflow (type 3 suit)
  • Made from Tychem® C or Tychem® F material
  • Limited use

Dräger Protec Plus TC and TF

Tearproof and resistant. The light chemical protective overalls Protec Plus TC and TF offer optimal protection against the finest dusts and powders, against acids and alkaline solutions, and are particularly resistant to a wide variety of chemicals in liquid form.

  • ​splash-proof one-piece chemical protective overall
  • four suit sizes (M-XXL)
  • Material Tychem® C for protection against ultra-fine dusts
  • Tychem® F for protection against many concentrated acids & alkalis

Dräger CPS 7800

The reusable gas-tight Dräger CPS 7800 provides excellent protection against gaseous, liquid, aerosol and solid hazardous substances even in explosive areas. Due to its innovative material and the new suit design it offers increased flexibility and comfort when entering confined spaces and working with cryogenic substances.

  • SCBA worn over the protective suit
  • five suit sizes (S-XXL)
  • diagonal zipper for easy donning and doffing without assistance
  • suit material D-mex, reusable

Dräger WorkMaster Industry

Particularly resistant against alkaline solutions and acids. The chemical protection suit WorkMaster Industry provides reliable protection during tank and boiler cleaning, during maintenance and repair work in narrow spaces or refineries, during chemical transports, cleanup operations and many other dangerous types of work.

  • SCBA worn over the protective suit
  • four suit sizes (M-XXL)
  • zipper on the back
  • suit material Symex, reusable

Dräger CPS 7900

Tailor-made for use under extreme conditions: The gas-tight Dräger CPS 7900 provides excellent protection against industrial chemicals, biological agents, and other toxic substances. Its innovative material qualifies the CPS 7900 equally well for work in explosive areas and for handling cryogenic substances.

  • ​SCBA worn inside the protective suit
  • five suit sizes (S-XXL)
  • side zipper
  • suit material D-mex, reusable

Increased performance by up to four hours – without the need for elaborate preparation or logistics: when work gets hot, the Dräger Comfort Vest CVP 5220 is always ready to use as it delivers the cooling action itself. This means: no pre-freezing, no dipping into water, no risk due to dangerous circulating air – and no time loss.

  • Automatic cooling above 28 °C
  • Wearing comfort
  • Regenerates when stored – within 4 hours at most
Additional advantages
  • Service life of the PCM-elements: up to three years
  • Easy donning thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Vest can be washed after the elements have been removed
  • Available in four different sizes: (S/M, L/XL, XXL/XXXL, XXXXL/XXXXXL)

Dräger Comfort Vest

Downloads for Dräger Hazmat Suits

Brochure: Safety You Can Count On Dräger Chemical Protective Suits (PDF)
Procedure for Donning Gas-tight Chemical Protective Suit Type 1a (PDF)
SPC 4400/4800/4900 Product Information, en
Product Information: Dräger Comfort Vest (PDF)